Chrysoprase is an apple-green chalcedony. Its ruling planets are Venus and the Moon.

Chrysoprase feeds the heart and cleans the bloodstream by encouraging the proper assimilation and distribution of food-energy throughout the body.

Since the Middle Ages, pure apple-green chrysoprase has been used to induce tranquility in nervous, high-strung dispositions and it can also be helpful in the treatment of neurosis. It normalizes the blood pressure and strengthens the heart.

This gemstone may also be used to reduce feverish or inflammatory conditions.

Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Chrysoprase
keyword: clearness
color: apple-green
chakra: heart chakra
zodiac sign: Taurus and Cancer
characteristics: · promotes the urge for higher conciousness
· makes realistic and practical, gives a clear mind
· enhances hope
· to improve your eyesight: this is best done when the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer

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