Diamond is the most auspicious gemstone of all, and the most expensive one. It is famous for its surprising luster, hardness and beauty. Diamond is a perfect symbol of love. It is thé stone of the Sun and of Saturn.

During the Middle Ages diamond was named ‘adamant’ (from ‘adamas’ meaning ‘uncontrollable’) and it was thought to be a magic stone of great power. While this stone brought victory, strength, courage and fortitude to the wearer, it was also believed it could make the wearer unhappy.

Perhaps this was because, looking in the diamond was likened to gazing into the eye of the sun or the face of the gods.

Diamond is not a suitable stone for greedy people, it will bring out the worst in them! Likewise the Hindus accorded power, friends, riches, good luck, youth, success and death to the diamond. In the Middle East, the diamond was a powerful talisman that could provoke shamanic ecstasy.

Europeans found the first large ‘diamonds’ in the leather bag of a South African sorcerer; however it is more likely that these stones were actually rock crystals, the universal stone of choice among shamans.

Contemporary folklore states that it is better to receive a diamond as a gift than to purchase it. The stone supposedly has more power this way. Diamond increases longevity and is associated with nobility of character. It also helps candour, sincerity, fidelity and affection.

Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Diamond
keyword: spiritual perfection, enlightenment
color: colorless, clear, light yellow, green, blue, pink
chakra: crown-and heartchakra
zodiac sign: Leo
characteristics: · calmness, clear mindedness
· inspiration · faith, hope
· endurance
· concentration
· a clear focus on the task you have to complete in this life (your moira)

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