Dioptase Gemstones

Dioptase is young in terms of evolutionary development. It is a rare and fragile stone. If dioptase were left in the mines, it would eventually grow into emerald beryl.

Dioptase is a talismanic stone in African Congo. It possesses both the energies of Venus and Neptune.

Dioptase opens and expands the gate ways of the mind. It prepares us to receive affection and unconditional love from all our relationships, the earth and the cosmos. Dioptase strenghtens your selfconciousness and reveals your inner treasure. This can elevate you to a higher conciousness.

Wear this stone to bring abundance, prosperity, creativity and good health into your life.

Magical Healing Properties of the Gemstone Dioptase
keyword: love and abundance
color: deep vivid green, emerald-green or turquoise
chakra: heartchakra
zodiac sign: Pisces and Libra
characteristics: · generates unconditional love
· balances the energy-system
· makes your dreams come true

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